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Who's Who

Meet The Team 2019 - 2020


Headteacher                                 Mrs K John


Deputy Headteacher                     Mrs J Davis


Senior Management Team             Mr S McNamara (Years 3/4)

                                                     Mrs A Pettey (Reception/Year 1)


Chair of Governors                        Mrs I Painter 


Teaching Staff                             Mrs S Whelan (Nursery)

                                                     Miss B Fitz-Gerald (Reception)

                                                     Mrs A Pettey (Year R/1)

                                                     Mrs I Delgado (Year 1/2)

                                                     Mrs A Driscoll (Year 2)

                                                     Mrs A Stephens (Year 3)

                                                     Mr S McNamara  (Year 3/4)

                                                     Mrs T Hayter (Year 4)

                                                    Miss J Helm (Year 4/5)

                                                    Miss s Pavitt (Year 5/6)

                                                    Mr G Still (Year 6)


Learning Support Staff                Mrs P Barber, Miss L Brewster, Ms T  Colmer, Ms C Davies,

                                                     Mrs D Deere, Miss S Robinson, Mrs L Richards,

                                                     Miss M Kriescher, Mrs A Morgan, Mrs H Vincent,

                                                     Mrs N Morgan, , Mrs M Robertson, Miss D Thompson

                                                     Mrs A Robinson, Miss J Thomas, Miss L Thomas, 

                                                     Mrs Drummond


Family Engagement Manager         Mrs L Biggs


Admin Staff                                 Mrs M Dowling, Mrs D Lewis


Senior Premises Officer              Mr L McGuinness 


Catering Staff                             Mrs Y Powell, Mrs C James, Mrs E Edwards,  Mrs A Griffiths,


Breakfast Club                             Mrs A Ricketts,  Mrs K Middleton, 

                                                    Mrs S Carey


Lunchtime Supervisors                 Mrs S Carey, Mrs B Cox,  Mrs C Jones,  Mrs C LeBreuilly,

                                                    Mrs A Ricketts