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Meeting 11/11/14

Here are our results from the meeting.
  • Cooking Club

Afterschool cooking club. 3:15 – 4:15 during winter months

  • Survey for school lunch menu

Devise a plan of action for school dinners.Three lunch menu items taken off and replaced with ……

  • Infant lunch to apply the same rules as juniors. i.e. sitting by whoever.
  • Lunchtime chefs to clean cups thoroughly after every use.
  • A themed cake stall.

Families and children have the opportunity to bake cakes for a themed cake sale.

  • Ventilation to be improved

Bring up the issue with head.

  • Break time lengthened by 5 mins

Discuss with staff whether an extra 5 mins break would be suitable.

Watch this space to see whether our ideas pay off.