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Please use this email address to ask me any questions about Home Learning or to send me any photos of your wonderful work.


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Staff Cook Book

I am overwhelmed with the effort many of you are making with Home Learning. Take a look at a few of your photos...

A message from Brackla Primary

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Reception Home Learning w/b May 4th 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had a good week. The rain returned for a few days and I found that quite difficult. We have had such glorious sunshine I had forgotten about the rain, but  it helps our plants grow and gives us water to drink. I hope you enjoyed the activities about plants last week.

This week all the activities are about minibeasts. I’ve checked the weather and there seems to be enough dry days to get out and about even if it is just in your garden. There is a minibeast hunt, finding out about butterflies, counting and adding minibeasts, minibeast crafts, making a bug hotel and my favourite…making butterfly cakes!

 Keep working hard, wash your hands regularly, stay indoors and don’t be tempted to go and see your friends…write them a card and send it on your walks. I am hoping to send some cards out…I have got my craft box out and have made some. You are all very good at this too.

Please send me lots of photos of your work to the email address at the top of this page. I miss you all very much and I love to see what you have been doing.

Mrs Pettey x

Bug Scavenger Hunt

Have a look at the minibeast habitat link to start thinking about minibeasts you might find in your garden. Go on a Bug scavenger hunt this week in the garden, on your daily walk or even in the house! If you have a printer you may like to print off the Minibeast hunt tick sheet.

Do you know how a butterfly is formed? 

Watch the link from Youtube to help understand what happens.

Make a little book explaining the process from egg to butterfly with illustrations, labelled pictures and writing. If you can't make a little book just write some sentences about the process from egg to butterfly. There is a sheet linked below to give you some ideas but you don't have to use it.

Select a minibeast to find out about...

Ask an adult to help you find out about it using the internet or books you might have at home or even see what the adults in your house know already. 
 You might like to look at the minibeast habitat powerpoint again.
 Make a factfile about the minibeast.  You can print off the ones attached or make your own using similar headings and write your facts onto paper.

Remember to use the sounds you know to spell the words and use the High Frequency words to help with spellings. Your sentences need to begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Try and keep your writing on the line and your letters formed correctly.

Butterfly Cupcakes

Have some delicious fun in the kitchen making these butterfly cupcakes.
I would love to see your finished cakes!

Make your own Bug Hotel to attract Minibeasts in the garden using:

A large plastic bottle cut into two cylinders, sticks, pine cones, bark and anything else you can find – bamboo with it’s holes is great too!

See the link below to give you some hints and tips.

Let me know if any minibests visit your hotel!

Butterfly Crafts

Have lots of fun with any craft items you have at home to make butterflies and minibeasts. See the examples attached for some ideas. I'd love to see to your photos on

Count the minibeasts and write the number. It is really important that you are writing the numbers correctly. Practise the numbers you are having difficulty forming. If you don't have a printer just count them and write the numbers onto paper.

A maths activity to help children reinforce knowledge of counting, number formation and addition to 20. Remember to put the first number in your head and count on the next number. Ask and adult to check your numbers are the right way round

Practise your colouring skills with these mini beast colouring sheets. Stick them up around your house!

Here's a weeks worth of adventurous and creative activities designed for you to play with your child. These activities contribute to your child's positive mental health. Have fun!

Message from Mrs John May 4th 2020

Still image for this video

Take a look what your friends have been up to at home this week...

Home Learning for Reception -  27/04/20

This week’s message from Mrs Pettey…

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home. I am sure you are finding it strange not going out or seeing your friends and family. I just wanted you to know that the grown-ups are finding it tricky too. Everyone is learning new ways to do schoolwork, help around the house, send messages to people we miss and to be patient. This week I have kept up with my running. I am a tiny bit faster than last week and am not going to give up. I hope you are learning new things and not giving up. I have heard some of you are now riding bikes with two wheels. Some of you are baking amazing cakes. Some of you have been writing messages and letters to your family and friends and even making hugs out of paper to send. Thank you for all the photographs you have been posting and I am thrilled so many of you are working hard with schoolwork at home. Well done. This week's activities are below this message. Please send any questions or things you want to tell me and show me to our class email address.

Set up a shop 🏪

To help with using and making amounts of money, set up a shop indoors or in the garden. You don't need much, just some toys or foods to sell and some willing family to play the roles with you. Make sure to make some lables for your shop and even use some dressing up clothes. Write shopping lists and role play being the customer and shop keeper. Use all the coins you can find to make different amounts. Check the money and give change with some help.

Roll the dice money activity

Using one dice, roll the dice and find as many ways to make that number using different coins.        e.g. Roll a 5 - make 5p using 1p,1p,1p,1p1p or 2p,2p,1p or 2p,1p,1p,1p. etc


When your child has mastered all amounts to 6, roll 2 dice and make that amount.

e.g. Roll a 5 and a 4 - make 9p lots of different ways.


If you need a further challenge...make amounts up to £1.  Record through drawing round the coins and writing the amount on each coin.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

You did so well with the Indoor Scavenger Hunt ...let's try this one in the fresh air (weather depnding!)  

Sight Word Hopscotch

Choose some of the first 100 High Frequency words you are finding tricky and write them into a basic hopscotch. Throw your stone onto a square. Read each word except the one with the stone. When you are confident you can change the words to a new set. You could take a photo of each hopscotch as a record of the words you can read.

Spring Poem

  • We have had a beautiful Springtime this year. On your daily exercise see if you notice things to go into your Spring Poem. Draw something in each box and write some words in each box about Spring time. 

How do plants grow?

Click the link to watch the video. After watching the video, go on a spring plant hunt in your garden or when you are out for a walk. Look outside for signs of new plant growth. See if you can find out the names of some of the plants. Create a picture using any art materials you have - draw a picture, paint some of the plants and flowers you saw, chalk a picture onto the ground, sketch, make a collage. I'd love to see your pictures. You can send on here or email them to me on

The Amazing Dance Of Nature: Watch Plants Grow

Key Worker Colouring Sheets

Mrs John's message to you all

Still image for this video

There are lots of activities to help learn 3D shapes. Try these cutting and sticking shape activities or just go around your house and garden looking for different 3D shapes.

Get creating with 3D Shapes!

  • Shapes are all around us! Look around your house for toys made out of shapes. (legos, blocks, etc.) Create something out of your toys and share what you made. Talk abut the 3D shape names you have used during the activity. Take a photo of your model and send it to me on 

Practise making words with this fun activity. Click on the link and the game is FREE!

Share a little happiness

I would like you to write a letter to an elderly relative or to old person living in a care home. Lots of older people haven’t seen friends or family for a long time. Your message of hope and friendship could really cheer them up. Your letter needs to include:

1. Dear………

2 Tell them something that makes you happy.

3. A little picture to spread happiness.

4. Love from…..

Sound out the words and write the letters you can hear. Remeber to use finger spaces between your words. Begin each sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop. Ask a grown up to help you. 

If you want to show me your writing, ask someone to help you take a photograph of it and send it to our new class email: 

Happy Writing!

Have a hunt around the house for all these items...

Animal Non-Fiction Research

Pick an animal to research. This might be your favourite animal that lives far away or an animal you have in your choose! Fill out one of these pages with your new facts. Write onto paper if you can't print it.

School Closure Reception Work Week Beginning 20.04.20

Language Based Activity -

1. Choose something from your garden. With the help of an adult, write a list (remember, a list goes down!) of things that rhyme with that object. Once you have found four or five things that rhyme. Choose a new object! 

2. Make a note of some things that you see on your daily walk/exercise. Can you write in sentences to tell me some of the things that you have seen and describe them. Remember to use Capital letters to start and full stops at the end. Use your amazing sounding out and tricky words to help you write the sentences too! Can you make it even better by drawing a picture?
Mathematics - Make a hopscotch in your garden. You can do this anyway you wish, with chalk or write the numbers on a piece of paper. Can you jump on all of the even and then all of the odd numbers? Can you skip the odd number and jump up in 2’s? 
PE - Can you complete the instruction above for our Real PE challenge? It might take some practice! 

Topic - As we get closer to summer, I wonder if you can make me a summery picture using things from your garden? Use your imagination! I can’t wait to see them!

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for the hard work you posted on here last week. Many of you are working hard again last week. I have really enjoyed your photos and have put lots onto this website for you to see what you friends have been up to. As it is now the Easter holidays for the next two weeks, I have put a few fun activities you might want to do with your families to keep you busy at home and in the garden. There will be more work-based learning after the holidays.

I have been staying safe at home with my children and my cats and also been into Pencoed school to look after some of our children who can’t stay at home as their families are taking care of  people who might be poorly or helping in shops so we can still buy our food. I have been in the garden like lots of you and going out for a walk every day. I am missing you all and looking forward to seeing you when we can go back out to school.

Reception pupils can upload their pictures to

I have really enjoyed seeing your activities so please keep it up!

Have a lovely Easter and enjoy the chocolate…I will be!

From Mrs Pettey

As it is the Easter holidays you could try:

- Reading the Easter story and make an Easter Garden

- Make an Easter treat to share (and help with the washing up!)

- Organise an Easter egg hunt

The documents below will help you...

It has been a very unusual week as we can't go to school but you have been so good learning at home. I have been so pleased many of you have been working hard. Have a look  at what your friends have been up to...
Don't forget Year 1 home learning is on your Seesaw accounts! 

Reception Pupils...Please send photographs of completed set work to:

Helpful video learning support during School closures for parents:


Join CBeebies Andy for a wild workout under the sea!


Fitness coach Joe Wicks will be running short P.E. Lessons/session each morning at 9am on his Youtube channel:


Mr Mc (Early Years Teacher) will be hosting phonic sessions on his YouTube channel from Mon-Fri at 11am:


Storytime with David Walliams every day at 11am on his website:


Techniquest will be hosting Science based learning videos each day at 12pm on their website:


You can also find reading books of a similar level to the one your child is reading at:


Welcome to Reception/Year 1 class page. I will update the page with all that we have been learning at school and hope you can get an insight into our wonderful class. Please see our welcome Letter for information about what your child needs to bring to school.


Mrs Pettey

Phonics work - select a sound that is proving to be quite tricky! Stick it to a bucket. How many things can you find in the house/garden that start with that sound? Choose a new sound everyday! Or do the same one if it’s really tricky!

Please also continue to learn the ‘tricky words’ (High Frequency Words) and sounds provided from the previous week. 

School Closure Work

Homework for second half of Spring term - Year 1 children only

To celebrate the end of our topic "Polar Explorers" we invited our families to see our class exhibition. Lots of people attended and we had fun showing our families all our hard work.

Homework for first half term of Spring for Year 1's only

This week we have been learning to use equipment for our science experiment. We used pipettes to drop water onto different materials to find out which would be best to make a polar explorer a waterproof coat. 
We have been finding out about the Northern Lights as part of our Polar Explorer's topic. We recreated the Northern Lights outside and inside the classroom in our Art work.
We had a very special day today...we all wore Christmas jumpers to school, enjoyed Christmas dinner with crackers and had a wonderful time at the Christmas Party. We are all full of food and Christmas excitement! 
Christmas has begun in R/Y1. Today we visited Dan-yr-Ogof caves as our Rich Task for our topic 'The street beneath my feet.' The weather was beautiful today but very cold. We had fun at the farm, the playpark and the highlight of the day was visiting the Caves . Guess who we found...?

We have been using the book 'Cave Baby' to explore what paintings have been discovered in caves. We created our own using natural materials like berries, mud and charcoal.

In maths this week we have been exploring symmetry inside and outside the classroom.

Bonjour! This morning Mrs and Mr Aydin (Jean-Claude!) came in to help us learn more about France. Every class has a country they are finding out about - ours is France. Jean-Claude helped us learn how he spends a day In Paris. He also taught us the colours in french and performed a magic trick...tres magnifique!! Merci Mr and Mrs Aydin we had so much fun. 
We have enjoyed using various stones to make some transient art pictures...we even photographed them ourselves using the ipads. 
We made the most of the good Autumnal weather this morning and used our book of the week "Stone Soup" as a stimulus for our learning. We made stone soup with our friends, used stones to create pictures and shared books outdoors. 
This week we received an email from the Badger asking if we could design and make a bag for him to fit his sandwich box in. It had to have a strap or two so his paws were free for digging. He asked us to decorate it and make sure his name was on it. What do you think of our designs?
After reading "The Dog who could dig" we have been discussing how to take care of dogs.We are learning to care for living things. 

We have been reading "The Disgusting Sandwich" by Gareth Edwards about a badger and a sandwich that becomes rather disgusting at the park. We made sandwiches and are learning about halves and quarters.


A few photos of our busy first week together...

Reception children have begun their learning journey. This week we have been learning the about the characters in the books we will be reading. Everyone has taken a book home to share at home!

Our class welcome letter