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Croeso i ddosbarth 3/4D! The class teacher this year is myself, Mrs Delgado and we also have Mrs Barber, Mrs Wells and Miss Evans working with us throughout the week.


P.E. kit is needed on Friday afternoons for the rest of this term.  Could you ensure all pupils with long hair have it tied back and for earings to be taken out or covered with a plaster please.  Any boys involved with the rugby team need to bring their rugby kit in on a Friday for matches.


We are split into groups for English and Maths in the morning when we do work on Big Maths and follow Wordsmith English.  


Ask your children what they can tell you about Squiggleworth, Count Fourways, Mully, Speedy Col and Super-FAB from Big Maths.  The children are all working on different progress drives and Learn Its depending on which group they are in.  Examples of the Learn Its Schedule and the different areas of Big Maths can be found on the parents page, under Maths.


Learning Logs/Homework is to be handed in every Thursday when an adult will be able to check it and award the appropriate merits.  There is a drop in every Friday in the infant hall for advice or you can try to catch me at the end of the day for any quick questions.




This term's topic is Travel Agents. It has a geography focus and teaches children about tourism and the impact this can have on people and places. Children learn how to write adverts and develop additional skills of writing using persuasive language. We will be looking at the climate, geographical features and location of a number of holiday destinations and how people live in these places. Locating places on maps and globes will also form an integral part of this topic.