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Welcome to Nursery Class Pages! Here you  will be able to see some of the fun activities and experiences that your child can take part in. We hope you will talk to them about their activities at home. Look out for information here and more pics on Twitter.

We have had a super start to the year and the children are settling well into the daily routines. Please help your child by ensuring they have their name on everything! We are looking forward to a great year in Foundation 1.

Mrs Whelan and the F1 Team.

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A message from all the staff at Brackla Primary

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Bore da pawb! A big thank you for all your kindness shown last week. I am so proud of you all!

This week all my plants have grown probably because they had much needed rain. Bailey Minnie and Little Weed are not helpful in the garden and one of them trampled on my lavender and broke some stems. I wonder which one did it. Hercules the tortoise is eating lots of the lettuce I have grown.

Many of you have sent me photos of your sunflowers and peas and I can see they have got really tall. I am so pleased you are looking after them and giving them water, food from the soil and a safe place to grow. Like plants you grow taller too. So your tasks this week are all about growing up.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe.

Bore da pawb!

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine! This week our theme is #spoonfulofkindness.

I know lots of you are always kind and thoughtful. There are many different ways of showing kindness. Bailey, Minnie and Little Weed are kind as they always greet me with a woof and wagging tails. In the garden I am growing lots of flowers to help the butterflies and bees. Here are some ways you can show kindness

  • give someone a smile
  • give someone a compliment
  • help around the home
  • care for plants or pets
  • leave a kind 'happy' picture or a joke for passers-by to see.
  • donate to our foodbank appeal. Crates are outside school on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

I hope you have lots of fun doing the activities this week and look forward to seeing and hearing about your acts of kindness either on SeeSaw or email to


Bore da Pawb!

Have you noticed all the birds around us or heard their song? Early, every morning, there is a little blackbird on my lawn, hopping around and pecking at the grass. I know it's a blackbird because it has a bright yellow beak! Bailey, Minnie and Little Weed are little rascals and bark at the big magpie and wood pigeons that sit on our fence and roof. They make quite a noise! They think they are protecting me and keeping our garden safe. So our activities this week are about birds. I hope you enjoy them and have lots of fun.

Over the last few weeks I have been learning new ways to do school work, just like you and so this week one of our activities is on SeeSaw. Check it out if you can and add any of your activity pics there. If not keep sending me your messages and pictures on 

Take care and stay safe!

Story time intro

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Bailey chooses a story

Kipper part 1

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Kipper part 2

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The end!

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Bore da pawb!

Well we have a few more weeks at home so let’s hope the wonderful weather continues! I was so hot this last week I had to find ways of cooling off! Bailey,  Minnie and Little Weed preferred to walk on the shady side of the pavement and when we got home they all needed a big drink of nice cool water. On Saturday they were very naughty. I let them off the leads in a big field and Bailey fell in a wet, muddy bog! I went to help him and the other two jumped right in. They were a terrible sight with muddy paws and tummies. They dripped all the way home and I had to wash them off with water from the hosepipe!  So this week I thought you might like to do some ‘water’ activities.

 I have really enjoyed seeing your learning at home pics. You are all smiling and it looks like you are having fun! Please keep sending any of your amazing learning and messages to I miss you all, keep washing those hands and stay safe!

Bore da Pawb!

What a week, rain, sunshine and a chilly wind. I have had to wrap up on my daily walks with Minnie Bailey and Little Weed. This week I had time to look through my cupboards and have a bit of a sort out. It gave me ideas for re-using some of our everyday things for our activities this week. Remember there are also the nursery rhymes and number stone games to do too.

Thank you so much for sending me lots of notes and pictures of all the lovely activities. I am so happy to see you all learning and having fun whilst we stay home.

Keep sending me your activities or just stay in touch, on

Take care and stay safe


Bore da Pawb!

What an amazing week. The weather has been hot and beautiful and I have enjoyed my daily walks with Bailey, Minnie and Little Weed. You have sent many pictures of your super activities and it has been wonderful to see you are all well, safe and learning at home. Some of your pictures have given me ideas for this weeks activities. I hope you enjoy them and keep sending your pics and notes to!

Bore da pawb!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful photographs you have sent. You have been working hard. 

I have been walking my dogs, Bailey, Minnie and Little Weed once a day. I have noticed the beautiful flowers; dandelions, daisies, daffodils, even bluebells but we must not pick those. This gave me the ideas for this weeks activities. Next time you go out for a little exercise, take a bag, collect lots of natural materials, flowers, grasses, leaves, bits of bark, and use these for your activities this week.

Take care and stay safe.

Please send any photographs or clips of your activities to

Activities for Week Beginning 30.3.2020

Once a day I take my 3 dogs out for a walk. This week I saw this beautiful rainbow hanging on a bare tree. It made me smile to see all the bright colours. Further along the path, I noticed this stone. The simple message reads Be Safe! It reminded me that people care for each other.



Perhaps you could make a rainbow or think of a message to put on a treasure stone this week. Leave it on your walk for others to see. You might even spot other rainbows and stones that your friends have made.

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