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6S - Mr Still

All the adults at school are here to keep you safe. If you are worried about anything please talk to your teacher. You can use the worry box in your classroom if you need some help with a worry. Mrs Baldridge and Mrs John are always here to listen too.

School Year 2023 - 24


Myself and Mrs Williams are very much enjoying teaching the Year 6 class this year.


Spring Term Topic : Devastating Disasters


Our engage day


This topic will have a humanities focus, so looking very much at history, geography & the human impact on certain events.


As we did last term, here are a few helpful pieces of information that might resolve any questions you might have.


PE Day ⛹️‍♀️ ⛹️‍♂️ = Tuesday - Please make sure your child comes to school in a plain white t-shirt and black shorts or joggers.


Outdoor Learning Day 🥾🍁🌳 = Thursday (fortnightly) - Please provide a pair of wellies with your childs name inside a labelled bag on so they can be kept on school grounds. PLEASE make sure your child has an appropriate coat on these outdoor learning days.


Reading Books 📚📚 - Please ensure that reading books & reading records are brought into school EVERY DAY. To ensure good progress we ask that children read aloud to an adult as much as possible at home and their reading record is filled in AT LEAST once a week.


Homework 🏠💻 - Fortnightly tasks will be on Seesaw. These tasks will be seen on the Child's accounts. Please ask them to log into their accounts for you to see what the task is.


Feedback Friday - Fortnightly on Fridays. These will be fortnightly sessions with the children to reflect on their learning and what progress they have made in the previous 2 weeks in school. They will also provide teachers with some pupil voice during this time. (See example below)



How can I help my child in Year 6??

✅ - Make sure your child is going to bed at a reasonable time and has breakfast

✅ - Have regular conversations with them about their Online activity & screen time - what games, apps, etc they are using safely and which ones they have heard other children talking about.

✅ - Ask them about what we have been learning in our Thrive wellbeing sessions. They will have a lot of mixed emotions as the year goes on and some of the Thrive techniques will help them enormously. ✅ - Help them be organised for transition to Year 7 by keeping an eye on School admissions. Admissions opened in October and the deadline is Friday the 19th of January


Finally, the Y6 residential trip is in June and will be held in Gorwelion (Porthcawl). Please enquire with Mr Still or the school office for more information. If you've already signed up, we look forward to taking you on what will be a fantastic experience!


Many thanks, 

Mr Still & Mrs Williams