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Leaver's assembly

On Thursday 18th July, the Year 6 children performed their end of year show 'School Glorious School' to the rest of the school.  The show was also attended by Derrick King from Bridgend Rugby Club and Rhys Webb from the Ospreys.  Following the performance, the Year 6 children received their graduation photographs to accompany their certificates.  Other awards given out included 100% attendance for the summer term and year and the House Points awards.
Picture 1 Lights camera action
Picture 2 Pick a pocket or two!
Picture 3 Consider yourself
Picture 4 I'd Do Anything
Picture 5 Oom pah pah
Picture 6 Oom pah pah
Picture 7 Class of 2013
Picture 8 Graduation
Picture 9 Class of 2013
Picture 10 100% summer attendance
Picture 11 100% full attendance for the year
Picture 12 1RD House Points Winners
Picture 13 1D House Point winners
Picture 14 2P House Point winners
Picture 15 3M House Point winners
Picture 16 4M House Point winners
Picture 17 5T House Point winners
Picture 18 6HP House Point winners
Picture 19 Finale
Picture 20 Finale
Picture 21 Goodbye from Year 6
Picture 22 Thanks for everything
Picture 23 Graduation photos