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Reception/Year 1

Welcome to Reception/Year 1's Class Page. On here you will find a flavour of what your child has been up to at school. I am hoping to post lots of photos which will help your child talk with you about their day and the  learning that is taking place. 

Reception / Year 1 Welcome letter from Mrs Pettey

A few photos of our first week at school

Take a look at our self portraits. Everyone has their work on display!

Week 2 - This week everyone has been enjoying the book "The Colour Monster." His colours were mixed up because his feelings were all mixed up inside him. We helped him put each feeling into a jar. The Colour monster had a colour to go with each feeling. We have been sharing what makes us feel different emotions and how we can find help if we need it.  Have a look at some of our monster work...
This week we have been working hard to practise writing numbers correctly. We have loved using different media.
This week, we have enjoyed the story Mrs Noah's Pockets. We have been thinking and writing about what special things we would hide in our big pockets.
In the story there are mythical creatures that hide in Mrs Noah's pockets. We have created our own...take a look.

We have been learning to measure using non standard measures.

Every day we practise writing letters and listening for sounds in words. We have worked hard to write these by ourselves.

We have been sorting and grouping animals for different criteria.

We collected Autumn treasures and have used them to help our observational skills. We love using the magnifiers to look closely at the details on the leaves and conker shells.
We have been learning about hedgehogs and writing facts about them. In our Creative work we have been using clay to make hedgehogs and counted twenty spikes into their backs using sticks from the outdoors. 
We have been using the outdoors a lot since returning to school after lockdown. Every Friday we have Funday Friday outdoor learning but we also use the outdoors for other areas of learning. Have a look at some of the great things we have been learning using the outdoors.
Our book of the week was "What the Ladybird heard." In the story Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len devise a cunning plan to steal the farmyard prize cow. We practiced our mapping skills and came up with our own cunning plans in My Time.
The Animal Rescue Centre role play has been a huge success. The children have used it to develop their oracy skills, taking on different roles within the setting. We have been learning how to care for animals and practicing our writing by recording details about the animals. This week, we have also been making amounts of money and paying for items at the Rescue Centre. 

Congratulations to Cai Davies who is our School Council representative. Cai will attend meetings and be able to share our ideas for the school at the meetings.

We have enjoyed learning about words that rhyme this week in the funny book Oi Frog! In My Time we played a frog hop target game and added up or scores. We are learning to count in tens too! As part of our Jaws, Paws and Claws topic we have also been using information books to help us find out facts both interesting and funny, about different animals. We have made animal factfiles after looking at the information books.