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In 2008, Brackla Infant School and Brackla Junior school amalgamted and became Brackla Primary School.  With funding from the Local Authority and Welsh Government, the school embarked on an extensive refurbishment costing just over £3.5 million.  The programme consisted of five phases spanning over four years and involved major reconfiguration of classrooms, creating a physical link between the two schools and removal of all the temporary structures.  We are all extremely proud of our school, so please take a look at the photos below!
Picture 1 Wood of Words (junior reading corridor)
Picture 2 Wood of Words (junior reading corridor)
Picture 3 Children's kitchen
Picture 4 Have your say pupil voice area
Picture 5 The Shark Sub
Picture 6 Outdoor area
Picture 7 Garden area
Picture 8 Snack Shack
Picture 9 Gardd Dysgu
Picture 10 3/4D
Picture 11 3H
Picture 12 2P
Picture 13 Starburst
Picture 14 Nursery
Picture 15 Nursery
Picture 16 Nursery
Picture 17
Picture 18 Wood of Words corridor
Picture 19 Reception
Picture 20 Reception
Picture 21 Reception
Picture 22 1/2S
Picture 23 1/2S courtyard
Picture 24 Reception/Year 1
Picture 25 6H
Picture 26 5/6S
Picture 27 4/5M