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Welcome to Reception's Class page. Over the year I will try to keep you updated with information, photos and examples of children's work. Many children don't like to talk about their school day and so I'm hoping this will help you to find out about your child's day and all the fun things they have been learning. smiley
As part of our topic 'Amazing Animals' we went to visit Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol. It was a VERY wet and rainy day but we still had a wonderful time seeing some of the animals we have been learning about.
It has been a very exciting day snowed last night! We played in the snow this morning making a family of snowmen, complete with snow dog, with our friends. smiley
We have been learning all about temperature in maths this week. To help us describe different temperatures, melting and freezing we went on a Winter Walk. Have a look how we got on...
In the Spring Term our topic is 'Wonderful Wales.' We will be finding out about our special country and all the things that makes being Welsh so wonderful. At the end of our topic for our Rich Task we will be holding a special Noson Lawen  for our familes where we will be sharing the highlights of Wonderful Wales.
Our first week back was to explore a part of the world very different to wonderful Wales. We explore what it's like Antarctica. Our favourite part of the week was to find out about penguins. Using a big information book 'Looking after the egg' this helped us learn about penguins and how they nurture their young. We have been learning to describe temperature and did experiments with a thermometer. In cooking we used our observational skills to find out what happened when we heated and cooled chocolate to make rice crispie ice bergs. We have also been learning to write facts about penguins. The penguins even helped us add two sets of ice cubes altogether. 
As part of our Rich Task we have been learning about a very special night where Christians believe baby Jesus was born. We unwrapped the presents and put the characters into the stable. It has helped us learn about the story.

After reading the story "We Three Kings" we wanted to collect Autumn leaves to make a mobile for Baby Jesus. How many leaves are on the string?

We all love 'My Time.' This is where we get chance to choose our own learning. after the story of the week we 'Have our Say' about activities we would like to do in My Time. These are a few of the things we have been doing recently...
Outdoors we have been learning to observe by looking closely. we have been observing how our school grounds have changed since Autumn has started. We had lots of fun!
We enjoyed the story of 'After the Storm' by Nick Butterworth. Percy had to check all the animals were safe. We used the Bee-Bots to help Percy locate all the animals in the forest.

We have been finding out about animals that hibernate in Winter. hedgehogs hibernate! We used clay to make hedgehogs after looking at them in non-fiction books.

Can you put the right number of spikes into the hedgehog's back?

This week we have been helping Spike the hedgehog find out how he can be a true and real hedgehog. He has wandered off from his Mummy and Daddy hedgehog and wants to know what he should eat, where he needs to live and what real hedgehogs like to do. We will be emailing Spike what we have been learning.
This week we are celebrating Harvest at school. We have been learning about Jesus' miracle and the amazing catch of fish. Everybody worked as a group to act out the story.

On Funday Friday we worked with a friend to make clay faces on the trees. We used resources we could find in the Woods for the features...

We have been around the school to look for numbers everywhere...

We have been reading the story about 'Owl babies.' As part of our work we made Owl biscuits. We learned about the ingredients and how to read the recipe together. Everyone worked together to make a biscuit to go home. They were delicious! 

We have had a very busy and happy first week in Reception...

Every Friday afternoon is FunDay Friday where we work on our skills outdoors. Here is our first FunDay Friday...