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Children will have their games lesson every Friday afternoon so will need their P.E kit with trainers. Their homework is due every Thursday however they are welcome to bring it in beforehand if they are eager to!


In Language, the children will firstly be working on a fiction unit focusing on ‘Greek Myths’ where they will be reading many myths and identifying the varied vocabulary that authors use to interest the reader. The children will be writing their own Greek Myth by the end of the unit using some of the interesting vocabulary that they have learned.

The children will also work on a non-fiction unit called Ultimate Explorers. In this unit, the children explore the Big Question: What makes someone a great explorer? They read an interactive eBook, and use other sources, to research challenges faced by explorers. They understand and explain different viewpoints. They look for evidence about what qualities successful explorers would need. They recap features of report texts and write an advert using persuasive language. They answer the Big Question, planning and writing a handbook for a new junior explorer.




The focus this half term will be Shape, Space & Measure. Within this unit pupils will develop their measuring skills (length, weight & capacity).

The children will be carrying out practical activities which will support our topic. They will be completing coordinates activities and working on 3D shapes where they will learn to recognise the nets of such shapes and create their own.

The children will carry out Big Maths CLIC (counting, learn it’s, it’s nothing new and calculation) sessions daily where they will be developing their number skills and their tables knowledge.

Finally there will be problem solving activities on a weekly basis which require pupils to apply their mathematical knowledge on a more practical and real life basis.



Topic Work

The topic in year 5 this half term is ‘Summer Camp’. This project has a forest skills and geography focus and teaches children about aspects of the local and regional landscapes and the use of this land and other geographical features for leisure. At the heart of the project children write a range of explanation texts and develop additional skills in writing plans and letters. To engage the children with this topic, they will be building their own shelters within a small group and toasting marshmallows whilst singing songs around a ‘camp fire’. This is a fun and exciting topic and if the children would like to bring any photo’s or leaflets from their own camping experiences, they would be very much appreciated.

We will also be preparing for our 40th birthday celebrations with various activities to find out about the history of the school and celebrate its 40th year.