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Welcome to Reception's Class page. Over the year I will try to keep you updated with information, photos and examples of children's work. Many children don't like to talk about their school day and so I'm hoping this will help you to find out about your child's day and all the fun things they have been learning. smiley
Today was our last trip together in Reception. We went for the day to Margam Park and had a really lovely time. People from the public made comments how well behaved the children were. Well done Reception Class! 
Today we all dressed up as Doctors, Nurses, paramedics and patients to end our keeping healthy and happy work. Everyone brought a healthy snack to share. We also had a visit from the St John's ambulance. We have had a fantastic day and thanks for everyone's support to make it such a success. smiley
Arcimboldo was an Italian artist who created faces using fruits and vegetables. We have been using this same style...

This week we have been learning to use a paint program to draw healthy foods

Our Summer term topic is 'Rhyme Time.'We have been using Humpty Dumpty as a basis for our learning. In Knowledge and Understanding we have been looking at materials that might keep Humpty safe when he falls off the wall

There was very serious crime committed in reception class. Somehow Humpty had fallen off the wall. Did he fall or was he pushed? We had to do the investigating...

As part of science week we worked outdoors to make Bug hotels with a partner. Where shall we put them? What do we expect to visit the hotel? How can we find out the name of the minibeasts?

We have enjoyed sharing welsh books in our Helpwr Heddiw sessions this week. 

As part of Welsh Week, we have been finding out about the work of Charles Byrd, a Welsh artist from Pontypridd. He was 101 when he died. He made 3D Magical Machines using pieces of wood and things you might find around the house. We have made our own models from recycled materials. We worked in twos and threes to make a model, talking and sharing ideas.

As part of our ‘Wonderful Wales’ topic we have been finding out about the work of Martin Evans, a Welsh artist from Aberdare. He loved the houses of the Welsh Valleys but took inspiration for the bright colours he used from his time living in New Zealand. We have used pastels and coloured paper to create Welsh houses in our 2D work. Everyone in our class liked the work of Martin Evans.


As part of our Wonderful wales topic we have been learning about Santes Dwynwen. Dydd Santes Dwynwen is considered to be the Welsh equivalent to Valentine's Day and is celebrated on 25 January every year

During Winter Week we found out about life in the Antarctic Region. We wrote facts about penguins. Pebbles the penguin has come to visit our classroom!

As part of our 'When I go to sleep" topic we looked at the work of Van Goch. We looked at his painting 'Starry Starry Night' and talked about the colours and effects he had created with paint. We created our own starry night artwork using different colour play-dough. 

We worked with our friends outdoors to make a home for an animal.

We have been finding out about Nocturnal animals using non-fiction books in the school library.

Do you know which animals are nocturnal? We have been sorting them into sets.

Attendance at school is really important for our learning. our class has won the highest attendance twice already!

This is our Welcome letter with information to help support your child

We are the Reception Team - Mrs Pettey, Mrs Robertson and Miss Kreischer

We have been very busy in our first week of Reception Class...