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Atlantic College 2013

On Monday 10th June, 18 children and Miss Thomas and Mrs John went on a residential trip to Atlantic College, St Donat's for five days.  The children participated in a range of activities including canoeing, climbing, mountain boarding, sand sledging to name a few!

Check out some of the pictures below.

Year 6 Blog

My favourite activity in Atlantic college was sand sledging because you went really fast down the hill, but I didn’t like climbing back up the hill with the sledge because it was really tiring and it was really steep! I also liked the mountain boarding because we learnt a lot of things like how to stop and do the flying bum and the jay turn. The food at the castle was quite nice because you got to choose your own food and sometimes for breakfast they had bacon and egg. The costal walk was interesting and tiring because you had to walk for miles and on part of the walk you had to go through a rocky beach which was quite hard because some of the rocks were wobbly then you had to go up a cliff but it was worth it because in the end (if you take your money) you get ice-cream. The social club in Atlantic College was quite fun and you got to stay up until half 10. And there was a variety of chocolates and crisps to buy. The funniest part was when dancing queen came on and Mrs John started rocking out on the dance floor! It was really sad to leave Atlantic collage I hope to go back there again another day BILLIE


Atlantic college was one of the best weeks of my life. I got to share a room with Jacob P ,Ethan and Jacob J. There was lots of activates that you can do and you get to have dinner in the castle. You also have a social club were you can meet other schools and you have free time where you can go swimming or other things. You also have instructors that will do different activates with you. I recommend Atlantic to anybody trust me you will love it. BOBBY


When I came to Atlantic College I was really EXCITED to do different activities and I was glad to share a room with my best mates Marshall, William and Ruben. Our first activity was coastal walk it was fun because on the way we had ice cream it was lovely. After that we walked back on the beach then after that lovely walk we back to the house. When we to the house we went to the day room I was tired when I walked back to the house.



When I went to Atlantic Collage me and the boy’s shared a room together with me was Jacob P, Bobby and Jacob J.

My favourite thing in AC was the mountain Boarding and I did a J turn. I loved the disco it was so fun and when we had a dance off it was the best! ETHAN


In Atlantic collage you can have lots of fun doing loads of different epic activities and it is a week to remember. This is the activity I enjoyed the most:

Canoeing in Atlantic collage was lively and fun. Even though we got wet and cold we came out with beaming smiles on our faces. HANNAH


My favourite part of Atlantic collage was the ropes course because we had to go through spy training and we got really muddy. It was great to see everyone else complaining about getting their clothes all muddy and dirty and you have me just enjoying the moment. IOAN


In Atlantic College I really liked the castle because the castle was beautiful and there was a lot of history in the castle. The castle gardens are really well looked after, the statue garden is pretty weird and the legend behind it is pretty cool.

The legend: at full moon or midnight if you stand where the statues cannot see you, you become invisible ISAAC


I really loved the ropes course in Atlantic College because I got super muddy. We had to roll round in mud. Ioan seemed like he had a goodtime he looked like mud its self.  JACOB J.


Atlantic College was the best trip ever. We went on a trip for a whole week. The house we lived in was called Sunley. We called our room the A-team. It was me, Bobby, Ethan and Jacob J. Our colour room was purple. The only reason that I loved that place was because of the instructor Antonia. Antonia was Italian and whenever I was down she would always be there for me and she was a good laugh in the disco’s. She made this dance with us where I stood in the middle of the circle and when it got louder and louder we rose and when it got as loud as it could I jumped in the air and everyone jumped out of the circle. So if Antonia was not our instructor it would not be the same. JACOB P.


I enjoyed sand sledging because we were allowed to stand up and do three and two trains. At the end we all had a race and I came fourth.

I also enjoyed mountain boarding because we got to do j turn and a flying bum - I enjoyed doing a j turn.The instructors we had were Claire Antonia and Nick. KIERAN


Spy training/ Ropes course:

In Atlantic College we learned how to be spy’s it was disgusting and muddy.

I would recommend it because of that and because it was fun and enjoyable some of us liked getting dirty and others didn’t. We had to climb through tunnels and roll and slide into mud and puddles of water. If you like adventures then that is the best activity. The instructors were full of jokes and laughter and were really great friends to us. MARSHALL


I liked the castle adventure because we were always on the move and we got to pour water over each other. It was great fun.

My favourite activity was sand sledging because we went down the hill SO fast and our instructors made us a ramp to use, it was like we were in the air for 2 seconds!

The food in Atlantic Collage was delicious! We had a variety of foods to choose from. I think my favourite meal was when we had a chicken leg for lunch.

I really enjoyed the music at Atlantic Collage social club especially when dancing queen came on and Mrs John ran onto the dance floor and started jumping around, it was so funny!

I very much liked the coastal walk because we bought ice-cream for ourselves but my favourite part of the coastal walk was when I was reaching to touch a sea anemone when all of a sudden a decent size crab jumped out of the water. MEGAN


I really liked the instructors Antonia and Natasha because they were really nice to me and I didn’t like the Beast Garden because it freaked me out especially when I heard the legend. MOLLY


I loved sand sledging because first I was really frightened because  I don't do it but I loved it . I stood up but I fell off the board but I had fun. RUBEN


 In Atlantic collage my favourite part was meeting the instructors because they were very chatty and helped if we needed anything. My favourite instructor was Natasha (she was from Canada) because she was kind and we just had a good laugh together and a little messing around. My favourite activity was probably the canoeing because we played lots of games while on our canoes it was funny.



When we arrived at our house called Sunley we went in to the dayroom and it was amazing, it had a fridge and a foosball table I thought I was dreaming. We went upstairs in to our bedroom and it was amazing it was so spaced out. I was in a room with Marshall, Elliott and Ruben. Some of the activities we did were so cool we did mountain boarding, pool games, archery, climbing and they are all the ones I liked. Thank you Miss Thomas. WILLIAM