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Weekly message from Mrs John!

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PowerPoint for the People Who Help Us activity!

Please follow the instructions emailed to you in order to access this weeks set work on Seesaw. If you have any questions I am still available to contact via the Reception mail address. Thank you.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

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Giraffes Can’t Dance (Part 2)

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Gwrando i’r stori ‘Whatever Next’ gyda Miss Fitz-Gerald (Part 1)

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Whatever Next (Part 2)

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Nos da plant! Dyma’r stori ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Part 2)

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Story time with Miss Fitz-Gerald (Part 1)

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(Part 2)

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Thank you for all of your wonderful photographs of the set work that has been completed so far. To see more, please access your children’s Seesaw accounts. Thank you.

School Closure Work Week Beginning 04.05.20

(All necessary and relevant documents are below)

It’s Jungle week! 

Language Activities - 

1. Can you make me a Jungle Acrostic Poem? I can’t wait to read them! 
2. Can you write me a recipe for your favourite meal that you have had since we have all been home? That way I can take it on my next Jungle trip or in case a tiger comes to tea! 
3. Can you make some jungle binoculars and take them on a walk near your home. Can you write a letter to someone special to tell them what you saw? Maybe nanny or grandad? Maybe you could lend your special binoculars to them so they can use them and write a letter back to you about what they have seen? 


Mathematics Activities - 

1. Can you count the Jungle animals in the picture and make me a pictogram to show me how many there are using a graph? 
2. Can you put the correct number of fingerprints or spots on the snakes?

3. Can you measure the Jungle animals and tell me how many cubes long they are? Don’t worry if you don’t have cubes you can use anything like pasta shapes or Cheerios! Just make sure that they are all the same size! 

Topic Activities - 

1. Can you make a musical instrument and play/shake/bang it along to the beat of a Jungle song? There are some pictures below for helpful ideas!

2. Can you match the Jungle animals to their correct shadows? 
3. Can you learn the names of these Jungle animals by playing a game of Snap with these jungle animal cards? 

School Closure Work 27.04.20

Please find all relevant documents below


Language Activities - 

1. Can you identify and say the sounds shown on the sails of the ship? 

2. Look at the image of the Under the Sea scene. Can you write what you can see and use alliteration to describe what you can see. For example, “I can see a funny fish” and “I can see terrific treasure”. 

3. Can you practice those handwriting skills by following the line/patterns on these Pencil Control sheets? If you have a printer you could even practice your colouring in and colour in the sea creatures!


Mathematics Activities - 

1. Can you cut out and correctly order the fish from numbers 1-20. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer. You can draw and write out the numbers. 
2. Can you play I Spy and count all the fish that are jumbled up. You will then have to add them together. You can use toys or cereal to help you do the adding! 
3. Can you name the shapes on the train and then complete the pattern by working out which shape is missing?


Topic Activity - 

1. Choose of the animals from the number of options. Can you use mummy or daddy’s help to find something about that animal. You can use books or research on a tablet/phone. Can you write down what you have learnt about that animal? There are excellent helpful words next to the picture to give you some inspiration! 
2. Can you draw me an Under the Sea picture. I want you to think about the different and choose carefully the different colours, lines, shapes and patterns that you’re using to make those pictures. Can you use different materials to give it that 3D effect? 

3. Welsh Language Development - Can you find out some do the Welsh names for Under the sea Creatures! Have a go at reading/saying them. 

P.E. - Please find the Real P.E Skill Instruction Card below which I would you to try! 

School Closure Set Work Week Beginning 20.04.20

Language Based Activities -

1.Choose something from your garden. With the help of an adult, write a list (remember, a list goes down!) of things that rhyme with that object. Once you have found four or five things that rhyme. Choose a new object! 

2. Make a note of some things that you see on your daily walk/exercise. Can you write in sentences to tell me some of the things that you have seen and describe them. Remember to use Capital letters to start and full stops at the end. Use your amazing sounding out and tricky words to help you write the sentences too! Can you make it even better by drawing a picture?

3. See if you can sound out and read these words on this fun game first, with an adults help and then on your own! Press those buttons to change the letters! Follow this link -
Mathematics Activties -

1. Make a hopscotch in your garden. You can do this anyway you wish, with chalk or write the numbers on a piece of paper. Can you jump on all of the even and then all of the odd numbers? Can you skip the odd number and jump up in 2’s?

2. Can you count the number of ladybirds on each leaf? You have to compare the leaves and decide which leaf has the most and which leaf has the least number of ladybirds. You will find the document below. Don’t worry, you don’t need a printer, just write it out on a piece of paper. 
3. Those hungry caterpillars are eating the leaves, can you count how many are left after they have had their lunch? Please find the document below. Don’t worry, you don’t need a printer, just write it out on a piece of paper.
PE - Can you complete the instruction above for our Real PE challenge? It might take some practice! 

Topic -

1. As we get closer to summer, I wonder if you can make me a summery picture using things from your garden? Use your imagination! I can’t wait to see them! 

2. As the seasons change, so does our weather and the temperature. Can you tell the adult or your brother or sister how it changes and what changes you have noticed? I wonder if you can sort the clothes in to the right places for me. Some of the clothes are for Autumn, some for Winter, Spring or Summer. Can you put them in the right places? Tell someone why you’ve chosen to put it there. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer. You can always draw it, and add more!

3. Whilst I was sitting in my garden enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having I noticed a bird collecting bits from the garden to build a nest. I wonder if you could sit in your garden and write about the things you can see, hear, touch and smell? 

Please continue to send your photographs! I love receiving them! 


Helpful video learning support during School closures for parents:


Join CBeebies Andy for a wild workout under the sea!


Fitness coach Joe Wicks will be running short P.E. Lessons/session each morning at 9am on his Youtube channel:


Mr Mc (Early Years Teacher) will be hosting phonic sessions on his YouTube channel from Mon-Fri at 11am:


Storytime with David Walliams every day at 11am on his website:


Techniquest will be hosting Science based learning videos each day at 12pm on their website:


You can also find more reading books at a similar level to the one your child is reading at:



Phonics Activity - Each day select a sound that is proving to be challenging. Place that sound on a bucket? How many things in the house or garden can you find with that sound? 

Continue to work on ‘Tricky Words’ and phonic sounds provided in the initial school closure work pack. Thank you.

School Closure Work - Week Beginning 23.03.2020

Spring Term 2


The Reception Class have loved exploring our new topic for Wales ‘Ar Y Fferm’. We have been busy talking about Welsh Farming and exploring the role of the farmer. We’ve looked what grows on the farm and at the animals that live there. 

We have explored the Welsh Language names for the animals and have been learning the song “Scrwb yn y twb”. Throughout the term we will be planting our own seeds just like a farmer and will be bringing them home. We look forward to bringing home some of the creative work we will be creating at the end of the term. 

Spring Term 1


We are excited to return to school after the Christmas Holidays to our new topic 'Toys, Toys, Toys'. On the 10th of January, the children were invited to bring in to school their favourite toy. On this day the children had the opportunity during Show and Tell to talk about their toy. The children discussed how the toys worked and what they were made of. They also had the opportunity to play with their friends toys. 


During this term Reception will be looking at old and new toys, robots, outdoor toys and many more. We will this term, begin to practise changing into our P.E kits for our P.E lessons. A text will be sent out reminding all parents to send in the childrens P.E kits. Please feel free to leave P.E kits with us on Mondays for children to take home on the Friday. 


We we have also received the reading books and activities from the Welsh Government Scheme 'Pori Drwy Stori'. The reading books (a Welsh and English language book) will be taken home by the children in turns and kept for a week only please. 


We we look forward to exploring all different toys this term including a trip to the park. We will then begin our next term with a trip to tie both topics together. Details of which will be sent out in letter form.


Please continue to send in the children's reading books daily. 


Thank you very much


Miss Fitz-Gerald and the Reception Team



06/02/20 - The Reception children thoroughly enjoyed exploring outdoor toys today. Flying their kites which they had made the previous week and playing in the nearby local park. We have really enjoyed this terms topic of 'Toys,toys,toys'.

Some of our favourite toys

Children in Need 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed RE week and went on a long journey just as Jesus and his disciples did.

We also love to build homes for the underground animals and work as a team. Supporting our monthly value; Unity.

This week we have been busy making mud pies. We have had lots of fun following a recipe and mixing the ingredients! October 2019

We've been working really hard on our sounds of the week.

Our start to Reception

Our class

Welcome to Reception
Croeso i dosbarth Derbyn


We have had a very successful first half term and will continue to update the class page with some of the things that we will be learning about as our lead up towards Christmas. We hope that you continue to see how much fun we are having and get an insight in to what we are learning about. Our topic is ‘The Street Beneath Our Feet’.

P.E will be taking place on a Wednesday, we will continue to only remove shoes and socks until the routine of P.E is established. Please feel free to leave your children's P.E kit with us or bring it in to get them used to bringing in their kit in preparation. 

The children will countinue to explore Outdoor Learning on a Friday afternoon. We hope to do this whatever the weather so please ensure your child has wellies in school in preparation for this.


Please bring your childrens' reading books in to school with them every day. We will endeavour to read with them at every opportunity. 

Thank you


Miss B. Fitz-Gerald and all the Foundation 1 staff