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Our topic this term is Deadly 60! We will be learning about different species of animals, predators, habitats, food chains and how we can affect the environment.

The children are thoroughly enjoying it so far, last week we focussed on the 10 deadliest snakes around the world. We used atlas skills, found information using ICT and hunted for glossary terms and their definitions outside.

Watch this space for more information and photos coming soon!



Remember your kits on a Monday and Friday- make sure they are named and leave them on your peg!



We will be looking at different forms and features of poetry starting from 18/9/17. How's your poetry knowledge? Could you describe a Kennings poem, or a Haiku or an Echo? Do you know your stanza from a couplet?! smiley



It's viral for the children to develop their mental recall of number facts and this include the times tables. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! The link below will take you to some fun games to help with this. Also the children can log onto the Hwb and play against each other or individually.