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Dragon's Den

We have had so much fun this week organising and creating our 'Dragon's Den' idea- A CIRCUS WORKOUT!


We have:

  • created ideas with what our workout should entail 
  • discussed how much money we would ask for from the Dragon's and how we would spend it 
  • collected data and displayed our results as a pictograph to show how many people would attend a circus workout.
  • Identified the benefits of exercise
  • Sorted healthy and unhealthy foods and cut them into quarters/halves
  • designed sweat bands using shapes and pattern
  • created a 'fitness circus potion' for the Dragons
  • and of course.......recorded our 'Circus workout'


We decided to create our workout with the song 'come alive' from The Greatest Showman as it such a popular film and we think that lots of people would have fun exercising to the songs!


Thank you to all parents who sent in bright colours for our workout video....the children looked great and had so much fun!