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All The Fun of the... Fair!

      Summer Term!

The children are happy to be back in school and are enjoying our new topic - All The Fun of the Fair!

This term has a focus on the expressive arts as well as encompassing a wide range of skills and knowledge.

How Can I Help My Child?

Literacy and numeracy are always a priority within class and you can help your child by listening to them read regularly at home. Please talk about what they have read and discuss any unfamiliar words. For numeracy, you can help your child learn their times tables - these also need to be practised regularly as they are easily forgotten!

                      Welcome to 4/5H!

Miss Helm and Mrs Williams welcome you to our class page! The children have settled well into their new class with us and work well with the school's new routines and safety measures. Please read on to get a flavour of what we have been doing and for general information about 4/5H.


We have enjoyed a varied half term with the topic At the End of the Rainbow and taken part in many different aspects of learning and activities. These include:

  • Using the film Aladdin as a stimulus
  • Hot seating as the characters
  • Sculpting clay lamps
  • Creating and writing wishes
  • Using the 8 points of the compass to find treasure and using coordinates on an OS map.

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Our visit to Father Christmas!

The children have worked hard to plan and produce their rich task. We have used Thinglink to produce a learning tool, based on our inspiration of the website DKFindout. This process included:


  • The children working as a class to agree a success criteria for the project.
  • Creating a mind map to plan the digital task of inputting information onto the Thinglink, including what to include and which group would be responsible for that task.
  • Using pic collage to gather ideas and suggestions for our Thinglink background.
  • Using IMovie and the Greenscreen app to record and edit children performing their poetry.
  • Adding photos and audio to IMovie to present our camouflage art.
  • Using internet research and the website Kahoot to plan multiple choice questions with a partner and inputting them on a laptop.
  • Using the features of Thinglink to add audio, text and pictures.
  • Including the app Chatterpix to present animal group information.


We have developed some great skills and knowledge this term, and our Thinglink gives you just a small sample of these. We hope you enjoy it! 


                 DEADLY 60!

Our new Deadly 60 topic is well underway and the children are enthralled by all the unusual animals, science and interesting facts that this exciting topic provides So far we have:


  • Watched a short documentary about a marine iguana and racer snakes and adapted it into a short story using high level and exciting vocabulary.
  • Written Kennings poems about the Madagascan Aye-aye using non-fiction text and facts as stimulus.
  • Learnt about animal classification, the 6 main animal groups and their features, in addition to creating branching databases using ICT to demonstrate this knowledge.
  • Created camouflage art using pastel techniques.
  • Enhanced our measuring skills and knowledge, using cm and mm and converting cm to m and vice versa.
  • Created bar charts based on African mammals and their measurements using Google sheets.


      It's been great and we haven't finished yet!



A new homework task is uploaded to Seesaw every other Wednesday. This fortnight, the task is to compose a Kennings Poem based on what a good friend should be like. There's a reminder about Kennings poems and a template to add the work to. Please encourage your child to complete their homework. Take a look at Oliver's below.

Homework - Kennings Kindness Poem

Take a look at what we have been up to in class...

Listen to Yusra read her short story.

Still image for this video
How many adjectives can you spot?

Using string and blu-tack to measure snakes!

There's always a good reason to enjoy the outdoors!

Brynteg Open Evening for Year 5 & 6

Please click on the following link to access the virtual open evening form

Sculpting with clay!


We have written and role played scenes from The Golden Compass and devised our own contemporary dances based on the scene. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the faiths of Islam, Judaism and Christianity and have written the story of Joseph along with using apps and Seesaw to increase their comprehension of the story.

Fun In the Great Outdoors!