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In 1/2D, we embrace the Foundation Phase concept of child-led education, ensuring the children are engaged in challenging but fun experiences. The children suggest what they would like to learn about and the staff provide opportunities for them to do this whilst achieving their potential across the curriculum subjects; from the core subjects of Maths, Language and P.S.E. (Personal and Social Education), to the more creative and knowledge based foundation subjects such as Science, Art, P.E., Music, Geography, History and of course, lots of Welsh. This Year, the introduction of our new 'Cornerstones' scheme, has provided the children with even more stimulating starting points, leading to some fantastic learning opportunities.



The new cornerstones curriculum consists of six different topics this year, one for every half term. In Autumn 1 we learned about 'Family Album' where aspects such as 'Ourselves', 'Our family' and 'Photographs' were our main focus. Many areas of learning were addressed through these sub-headings and the children enjoyed a wealth of experience throughout the topic.


Our topic for AUTUMN 2 was 'Electric Rainbow'. Our main areas of investigation for this was light, colour and electricity. Children had lots of fun experimenting with electrical circuits and mixing colours.


This half term our topic is 'Carnival'. This particular topic focuses greatly on creative development. So far we have learnt to samba dance, made masks, and even designed life size carnival costumes. Over the next few weeks we will be investigating carnivals from around the world and we may even attempt some cooking!


 Please continue to support your child with all homework related to the topic as this is a very valuable contribution to their learning in school.



Trips and visitors


Our learning experiences are also enhanced through trips and visitors to school. At the begining of the autumn term, we visited 'Colorfoto' in Cardiff as a stimulus to our topic, 'Family Album' (there are still some photoshoot pictures available for sale at Reception).


We have recently worked with a 'Superstars' specialist teacher, developing our drama skills.



I would just like to thank parents for supporting their children's learning at home by helping them to complete the fortnightly homework task,  and of course the nightly reading.  It is also important that children bring their reading book and reading record to school on a daily basis please.

This always has a positive impact on children's achievement in school, enabling your child to develop more confidence and acheive greater success on their learning journey. Keep up the good work! crying