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School Council

Welcome to this years school council page. The following children are very proud to be a part of this years school council:


Frankie Deacon, Eva Hickman, Millie Fisk, Sophia Jones, Kaylan Keevil, Seren Amery, Seth Keevil, Oliver Williams, Isla Williams, Bobby Chivers, Kian Needes, Evelyn Hamel and Isabelle Ocampo.

We have already met twice so far this year and the children have so many ideas! They initially brainstormed all of their ideas.  Eva and Millie then created a google form to collect data from all key stage 2 children to help decide which idea the school council are going to focus on first.

After analysing the results, the children have decided to add playground markings to enhance all children’s enjoyment during their play times. Evelyn and Seth have been set the task to research ideas for Foundation Phase, whilst Isla and Rubie are on the case for Key Stage 2!

Of course, they understand that this all needs funding and have already identified a number of fundraising ideas to ensure they complete their first task of the year promptly.

This school council are a group of determined children who are keen to make a difference for ALL within our school.

Watch this space for all that the school council achieve in the upcoming months!