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Eco Committee Archive 2017-2018

Eco Committee 2017-2018

6H: Morgan Edwards & Cleo Birt

5/6S: Eve Hayter & Dylan Ocampo

4/5H: Lara Thomas & Jac Hand

4D: Ted Topham & Logan Watson

3M: Suzanne Rowlands & Patryk Madro

2P: Chloe-Ella Stephens & Kian Needes

1/2S: Aaron Maggs

R/1: Logan Jackson

Our Eco Committee consists of two representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. The members are voted on to the committee by a class vote at the begining of each new school year.


Our Eco Committee works hard to promote environmental awareness. They make links to curriculum subjects that enable us to tackle many cross-curricular areas such as citizenship, education for sustainable development, P.S.E. and global issues.


Through their hard work and everyone's awareness of this important issue both within school and the wider world, we were delighted to achieve our Platinum Flag in May 2015 and now continue to work hard to maintain our status:

(Our 1st Platinum Renewal status was awarded on 23rd February 2017)


Global Citizenship is one of the 8 Topics that we study as an Eco School and through this we have learnt about the plight of children in the Philippines and their lack of homes and education. We have been supporting The Philippine Community Fund for almost 3 years by collecting ring-pulls from cans, empty toothpaste tubes and soda bottle labels which are sent to the Philippines and there they are made into Fairtrade goods which are sent back to the UK to be sold. All monies raised are used to help establish much needed schools to educate children who would otherwise spend their days foraging through dangerous rubbish dumps to find anything worth selling to help support their families. Thank you for your continued support with this venture. If you need something to collect your ring-pulls please call in to school and ask for a member of the Eco Committee who will give you a recycled milk bottle.


We have also become involved with an organisation called PONT (Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust, based in Pontypridd). Through them we have twinned with Busumbu Primary School in Mbale, Uganda. This resulted from a workshop presented by Nigel from 'The Size of Wales' who told us all about the plight of the people of Uganda due to climate change and deforestation.

A visit from Phil and Kath of PONT , who told us all about the school and showed us pictures of the children got everyone keen to become involved.

Over the past 2 years we have established a good link with Busumbu Primary and regularly exchange letters and DVD videos and hope to soon establish email communication with them.


Phil and Kath returned to school on Tuesday January 17th 2017 to award us with the PONT Flag and Certificate for our links with Busumbu Primary and to tell us about their most recent visit to Mbale.

We are proud to be the first school in the Bridgend District to achieve this award.


The children in Mbale speak and read English so we have set up a book donation scheme.  If anyone has any unwanted books in good condition they can be donated to school (with £1 if possible, to help towards postage costs). A label with a message from the donator will be placed inside the book.

See the link below!



Nigel Little (Size of Wales), visited us once again this Autumn and delivered an entertaining and informative Assembly and Workshops about deforestation and its consequences on the wider world. We learned about the plight of the people and also the effect on the animals and the loss of their habitats.

We continue to support the work of this charitable organisation and in response to Nigel’s visit decided to combine the fundraising ‘GO GREEN DAY’ with our Harvest celebrations this year with all funds raised going to ‘The Size of Wales.’

On Thursday 13th October we dressed in green, travelled green (by walking/cycling/scooting to school), and held a Rainforest Tuck Shop (where we sold Fairtrade fruit & juices). We raised a total of £350.

It is through our association with the ‘Size of Wales’ that we became involved with PONT and we are hoping to attain the PONT flag in the near future as we have twinned with a school in Mbale, Uganda. This was done as a result Nigel’s visits to us over the past few years.


Busumbu Primary School - Mbale, UGANDA

The Philippine Community Fund