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Welcome to 3M's Homepage.  3M will be taught this year by Mr McNamara who will be supported by Mr Williams.  The class will also be taught Welsh by Mrs Delgado.  There will also be times when Miss Thomas and Miss Davies will take the class for lessons.

This term out topic is Bones Blood and Gory Bits.  The class came up with lots of questions to do with this topic such as :

What happens to the brain when we eat or drink something cold?  

How does our blood move around our body?

How do we see?

How do bones move?

How many bones do we have?

Why do we have teeth?

What is blood for?

Why do we have a tongue?

Why do we have teeth?

How does our body fight off bacteria?


We will be trying to answer these and many more questions which may come up as we cover the topic.  If any parents/guardians or friends of the school have any expertise e.g. nurse, paramedic or are an elite athlete/sports person and you would be willing to come in to talk to the children please let the office or Mr McNamara know.


This term we will be doing indoor P.E. following the PESS Gymnastics scheme of work.  We will also be going for a 15 minute walk every day.  Our aim is to walk a mile a day which is an initiative which started in schools in Scotland and has been take up by some schools in England and Wales.  


Please regularly check in on our web page to see what we have been up to.  It would be great if our page had the most views.



I really enjoyed holding the different organs.  It was spectacular and a fantastic introduction to our topic.  By Frankie


It felt weird when I held the heart.  The kidneys were really slimy and sticky.  by Dylan

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